We always have desire, and desire, to happiness. But, What is happiness
The happiness it is not a goal. It is not a place to go. It is not a state to reach. It is a total attitude towards life.
“It is something similar to being comfortable with who you are, comfortable with what you do, comfortable with who you are, comfortable with your work and with the way you spend every minute of your existence. Be comfortable with your past, be comfortable with your present and prepare your future so that it is a place where you can be comfortable too "
The happiness it is not reaching the destination. The happiness it is enjoy the road.
We wish you a HAPPY Christmas and a HAPPY Year 2016
You desitjem a FELIÇ Nadal i a FELIÇ Any 2016
Eguberri zoriontsua eta Urte berri on 2016
You want a Bo Nadal and a HAPPY Year 216

Production Congratulations Christmas

Printed with technology Komori H-UV. Specifically, in Forletter Group, Partner of SOS Children's Villages; with a Komori GL540 + C with H-UV ink, range quadricomics, TOYO INK on both sides and TOYO INK Drip-Off Matte Varnish, from the printing tower, with reservations in TOYO INK H-UV High Gloss Varnish from varnishing tower on the clocks, both on the outer face. Printed in 3 different supports: Curious Metallics White Silver 250grs., Ensocoat 250grs. and graphic card of 400 grs. with silver polyester laminate. Creased and folded. In collaboration with Children's Villages.

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