We always long for and offer others our wishes of happiness. However, what actually is happiness?

Happiness is not a final goal. It is not a place we reach. It is not a condition we attain. It is in fact an entire outlook on life.

“It is something like being content with who you are, being content with what you do, being content with the people you are with, being content with your work and with the way you spend every minute of your existence. Being content with your past, being content with your present and preparing for your future so it you will be in a place where you can also be content.”

Happiness is not reaching your destination. Happiness is enjoying the journey.

We wish you a HAPPY Christmas and a HAPPY New Year 2016

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Christmas Greeting Cards Production

Printed with Komori H-UV technology, at Grupo Fortletter, partner of Aldeas Infantiles SOS, using a Komori GL-540 + C five-colour press.

H-UV ink from the TOYO INK range used on both sides of the sheet in addition to TOYO INK Drip-Off Matt Varnish, applied on last printing unit, and finally, TOYO INK Spot H-UV High Gloss on coating unit, also on both sides.

Printed on 3 different substrates: Curious Metallics White Silver 250g/m2, Ensocoat 250 g/m2 and Paperboard 400 g/m2 with silver polyester laminate. Creased and folded. Courtesy of Aldeas Infantiles.


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